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Yoholo Micco: Creek Indian Trail


Winding 3.2 miles along through meadows and along Lake Eufaula lies the Yoholo Micco, The Creek Indian Trail. The trail follows along what used to be a rail line through the city of Eufaula, but now the trail offers a place for bird watchers, bicyclists and other passerby.


The trail is named after Yoholo Micco who was a chief of the Creek Indian Tribe that once lived in the area. He lived here with his tribe until 1836, when settlers took over. The trail ends at Old Creek Village which is the location at which the people of Yoholo Micco’s tribe lived. For nature observers it is an excellent place to see Bald Eagles and even migratory birds such as loons and doves.

Violet Sky’s Visit

My visit to Yoholo Micco: Creek Indian Trail took place early in the morning and it was a location that I just happened to stumble upon. The trail was well maintained and definitely worth the visit as there was some excellent places to experience nature so close to downtown Eufaula.

How to Visit

The trail is asphalt paved which allows for easy accessibility and even leads out to Lake Eufaula where you can venture to an old train bridge that once led cargo across the water to Georgia. There is accessible parking just off from Broad Street in downtown Eufaula. To hike the trail there is no cost but leads to some pretty views.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Yoholo Micco, Eufaula, Alabama
Violet Sky at Yoholo Micco, Creek Indian Trail, Eufaula, Alabama

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