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A Visit to the Muscogee Nation of Florida

Violet Sky at the Muscogee Nation of Florida, Bruce, Florida
Violet Sky at the Muscogee Nation of Florida, Bruce, Florida

This land serves as the location to visit the Muscogee Nation of Florida. It lies just off country roads in the rural community of Bruce in the Florida Panhandle. Their motto states that they are “A People of One Fire”. This statement represents the Muscogee people’s unity as a nation.


The Muscogee people had been living in the lands of Northwest Florida and the Wiregrass regions for centuries. This tribe is part of the Eastern Creek Indians. As the tribe was forced to sign treaties and move to designated lands in the 1700s and 1800s they eventually came to settle here in what is now Walton County.

While this tribe has seen struggles over land and native rights, they have come to create this location that serves as a base to honor Muscogee history and culture.

Violet Sky’s Visit

While driving north on Highway 81, I’ve passed this sign several times on my trips through the area. It has caught my attention and made me curious as to what it was. I stopped by to visit the Muscogee Nation of Florida. There is plenty of history at this site which makes it interesting to learn about. It is a neat place to stop if you are passing by.

How to Visit

This site is located at 278 Church Street in Bruce, Florida. Just off the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 81.

Click here for more information on the Muscogee Nation of Florida.

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-Violet Sky

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