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A Stop at Blackwater River State Forest

Violet Sky at the Blackwater River State Forest, Milton, Florida
Violet Sky at the Blackwater River State Forest, Milton, Florida

The scenic drive through the Blackwater River State Forest is beautiful! With plenty of places to stop and enjoy recreation areas, this park is worth the visit.


Once owned by the federal government, the land that now creates the Blackwater River State Forest has been governed by the state of Florida for decades. In the 1950s when the state took control of the land it was opened for recreation. The land has also been used for harvesting timber. Timber is a popular crop in northern Florida.

For years people have came to these lands to explore its natural beauty. Miles of pretty scenery line these rural highways. The forest is named after the Blackwater River that flows through the landscape.

Camping and hiking is available at various locations allowing visitors to find adventure in rural Northwest Florida. There is also opportunities for fishing, swimming and kayaking.

Violet Sky’s Visit

Passing though the Blackwater River State Forest was a great drive for an early morning. I was actually on my way to Wind Creek Casino in Atmore. There was a gentle mist in the air that allowed for sprits of rain. The fog was sort of dense at first but then increased over time.

The roads that wind through the forest follow along some very scenic stretches of forestland. I really enjoyed traveling along Sandy Forest Road as it traveled over small bridges and curved to the bends in the rivers and creeks.

How to Visit

To drive through the state forest is free but select camping and recreation areas may have admission prices.

The Blackwater River State Forest is located less than 20 minutes north of Milton and I-10. Click here for a map of the forest.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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