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Chasing Butterflies in Historic St. Andrews

Butteryfly Garden, Historic St. Andrews, Florida
Butteryfly Garden, Historic St. Andrews, Florida

Chase butterflies in several colorful locations throughout Historic St. Andrews. This old maritime village offers plenty of spots to enjoy the beautiful flying insects in the abundant gardens throughout the streets.


Walking around Historic St. Andrews in Panama City, Florida one cannot help but notice the plentiful butterfly gardens that have sprouted up. With a generous donation from local businesses, flowers are found creating a bountiful habitat for butterflies to get all the nectar they need to live a happy life!

This Historic St. Andrews Waterfront Partnership brought these little gardens to creation. Now visitors to the area can enjoy little green spaces filled with abundant flowers and might even get to catch of glimpse of some cheerful butterflies.

Violet Sky’s Visit

I have always admired the dedication that Historic St. Andrews puts into their district. They not only preserve their maritime heritage but they also find unique ways to create interest in their community.

It appears that the selection of butterfly gardens have gained instant success by locals. As I was walking around I saw a lot of people actively looking for butterflies. There were also several little butterfly houses hidden in the dense greenery of the gardens.

How to Visit

To visit the Butterfly Gardens of Historic St. Andrews you can simply experience these spots by walking around the streets. It is a free event that provides an outdoors entertainment for people of all ages.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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