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Springs of the Florida Panhandle Road Trip

Wakulla Springs State Park, Florida
Wakulla Springs State Park, Florida
Morrison Springs, Walton County, Florida
Morrison Springs, Walton County, Florida
Violet Sky at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, Florida
Violet Sky at Ponce de Leon Springs State Park, Florida
Morrison Springs, Walton County, Florida
Morrison Springs, Walton County, Florida

Looking for some unique places to cool off on a hot summer day in the Florida Panhandle? These amazing natural springs offer some refreshing waters along with crystal clear pools for swimming. Be amazed as you are immersed in an underwater world with fish and other natural plant life.

Let’s take a look at some of the best springs to visit in the Florida Panhandle and discover how you can plan your next aquatic adventure!

Wakulla Springs State Park

Located about 13 miles south of downtown Tallahassee, Wakulla Springs offer something that nowhere else in the world has. It is the largest freshwater spring along with being the deepest of its kind. This spring generates over millions of gallons of crystal clear water.

Staying about 70° year round, Wakulla Springs has a designated beach and swimming area complete with a diving dock. It also offers boat tours where you can see alligators, manatees, birds and other native species in the wild. There are opportunities for kayaking and overnight accommodations are even available at the Lodge.

There is an admission charge into the state park unless you are an annual pass holder. Wakulla Springs are located within the state park at 465 Wakulla Park Drive, Wakulla Springs, Florida 32327. For more information about Wakulla Springs State Park click here.

Blue Springs Recreational Area

Tucked away in the country community of Marianna, Florida is a quaint recreation area called Blue Springs. Named for the tranquil waters that erupt in the park, these springs offer plenty of space for swimming and observing nature.

Blue Springs Recreational Area is located at 5461 Blue Springs Road in Marianna. Kayaks, canoes and paddle boats are all available for rent at the park. For current admission, hours and other information please click here.

Pitt and Sylvan Springs

Located just off Highway 20 a short drive north of Panama City lies Pitt and Sylvan Springs. There are several of these springs located along the Econfina River trail. Plenty of options for swimming, tubing and kayaking are available with a local rental place nearby. Also picnic tables, hiking trails, restrooms and other amenities are available.

These springs are located at 6315 Highway 20 in Youngstown, Florida. There is free admission to these springs as it is part of the conservation district.

Morrison Springs County Park

Probably my favorite natural spring in the Florida Panhandle is Morrison Springs. These springs are huge! Complete with a boat/kayak launch, scuba station, picnic pavilion and dock this place is amazing.

Not only is swimming here so beautiful, but kayaking has its own fun as well! The natural beauty of the landscape has been wonderfully preserved for visitors to enjoy the tranquility of this place. To read more about Morrison Springs click here.

Morrison Springs are free to visit and located at 874 Morrison Springs Road in Ponce de Leon, Florida.

Ponce de Leon Springs State Park

Just a short drive up the road from Morrison Springs lies Ponce de Leon Springs. These springs have been carefully landscaped to preserve the depth and serenity of the spring pool.

Huge bass, small panfish and scattered cypress trees are just some of the amazing things you may experience while on your visit. To read more about Ponce de Leon Springs State Park click here.

There is an admission charge to the springs as it is part of the Florida State Park Service. These springs are located at 2860 Ponce de Leon Springs Road in Ponce de Leon. They are also a very short drive north from Exit 96 on I-10.

Vortex Spring

Also nearby the small community of Ponce de Leon is Vortex Spring. These springs are one of the few privately owned and operated natural springs in the area.

You are bound to find some exciting activities during your visit to this over 500 acre outdoor resort. From swimming in some of the most popular springs to taking an off road vehicle for a drive, your admission can grant you access to this unique place!

Located at 1517 Vortex Springs Lane, admission and hours may vary. Please click here for the most updated information.


While all of these springs each present their own kind of natural beauty, do be cautious when swimming near caves. Also be on alert for snakes and alligators as some may be dangerous.

Be sure to grab your snorkel gear and underwater camera as you dive into these wonderful swimming spots! There is no better way to refresh yourself after a warm summer day in the Florida Panhandle.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’.

-Violet Sky

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