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Seeing the Lear-Rocheblave House

Violet Sky at the Lear-Rocheblave House
Violet Sky at the Lear-Rocheblave House, Pensacola, Florida
The Lear-Rocheblave House
The Lear-Rocheblave House, Pensacola, Florida

This beautiful home stands in the historic district of Pensacola. It’s history has led it through various owners and to ultimately being restored into a museum. Visitors from around the world have stepped through the doors of this home looking to hear its story.


John and Kate Lear built their timeless home in downtown Pensacola in 1888, although they never actually lived in the home it still stands today as a symbol of the past. The residence was built upon the grounds of a 1700s British building. The house was built of strong construction and featured a grand porch and balcony upon each floor. The elegant door welcomes visitors in to see its beautiful architecture sprinkled with tidbits of history. The home gained the second part of its name after a local tugboat captain by the name of Benito Rocheblave purchased the residence in 1897. The Rocheblave family had resided in the area since 1817 during the time of Colonial Spanish rule.

Captain Benito and his family lived at the house for many years and adored the elegance of the structure. It’s location was optimal due to its proximity to local shopping, churches and parks. It is local legend that a ghost of one of the Rocheblave daughters haunts the home and wisps of her classic perfume can be smelt in the air.

It wasn’t until 1988, that the building was restored as a museum. Today the house is preserved as part of the Historic Pensacola Village and presents guests with furniture and décor that would have been typical of the turn of the century.

Violet Sky’s Visit

I have always admired the detail and architecture put into old homes. Growing up in an old farmhouse in rural Michigan gave me an appreciation for the craftsmanship it takes to produce such detailed buildings. This home has a lot of cute characteristics which makes it an intriguing stop in Pensacola.

How to Visit

On your visit, bring a camera and be prepared to step into Pensacola’s past at the Lear-Rocheblave House. The home is located at 214 E. Zaragoza Street in Pensacola. Admission and hours is organized through the Historic Pensacola organization.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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