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Royalty and Politics at the Governor’s House

The Governor’s House in St. Augustine has served as a residence for notable figures over the past several centuries. The current building that stands today was constructed in the early 1700s.


In its early years the building was the main center for the town. Not only was it the Governors House but also a courthouse and office building. While the city was growing, so did the Governor’s House. Daniel Boone is even said to have visited the building.

The last governor to remain in the house died in 1811 and from then on the building remained vacant. That is until in 1833 when the building was rebuilt using money sponsored by the United States government. The building was remodeled and was strongly used as Union military headquarters for the area during the Civil War.

During the early 1900s the building was used as a spot for the local post office until a new building was later built. Over the past several decades the State of Florida in partnership with the University of Florida have preserved the building and made it available for tours.

During a visit to St. Augustine in 2001, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain stood on the balcony of the building. In 2015, King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia were also guests at the building.

Violet Sky’s Visit

Seeing the Governor’s House was an amazing experience. Learning about house royalty and government used to reside at the place was interesting. I thought that the large stones that mark from corners was so cool!

What I found the most fascinating was the balcony facing the street. This balcony was the site where king and queens of Spain stand to greet residents and people of St. Augustine!

How to Visit

Today anyone can visit the house as the first floor has been dedicated as a museum to its historical past. The house is located across from Plaza de la Constitution.

The address for the Governor’s House is 48 King Street. The building is located in downtown St. Augustine.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Governors House, St. Augustine, Florida
Violet Sky at the Governors House, St. Augustine, Florida
Governors House, St. Augustine, Florida
Governors House, St. Augustine, Florida

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