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Replacing Alabama’s Floorboards

Replacing Alabama’s floorboards has not been the easiest task. With nearly 50 years of aged metal she was in desperate need of repair.


The floorboards of Alabama were very rusty from the years of residing in the north. She had been stuck in a barn in rural Rochelle, Illinois. The dirt barn floor, salt roads and cold climate led to the deterioration of the floor.


To begin the first major step in restoring Alabama, we had to remove the old floorboards. They were very rusty and unsafe for passengers. In fact the cab needed a new set of floorboards to stabilize the structure of it.


Very few places still sell the aftermarket floorboards for replacement. It seems to be a very common problem with these types of trucks because they used rubber floor mats to line the bottom of the cab. Although the rust needs to be removed to prevent it from recurring in the future. When you order the floorboard replacement you get an entire panel that will need to be welded to the bottom of the cab.


My father has been working very hard to grind and weld the new panels into place. He has put in a lot of work to replacing Alabama’s floorboards. He has a lot of skills and talents when it comes to restoring classic cars and trucks.


We have been working to restore the truck to keep making steps towards the completion of this project. Restoring a vehicle is a big project but the reward will be worth it in the end.


Someday I hope to take Alabama on a Violet Sky kind of adventure! Until then, we will have to keep working hard to get her back on the road.


Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Alabama Floorboards
Alabama Floorboards
Alabama Floorboards

Watch Alabama's Road to Restoration

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