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America’s Oldest Public Space: Plaza de la Constitution

Standing in the oldest public space in America is a remarkable experience. The amount of history and its unique origins make this site interesting to explore.


Established by the Spanish in 1573, this plaza is the oldest public space in all of the United States. According to Spanish guidelines the park had to be of a certain size and depth in order to best suit the people of the community. It also provided a common space for citizens of early St. Augustine. City meetings and gatherings most likely would have been held in this location.

It has also been recorded that a historic well is located in the park. Historians and archaeologists have rated this well to pre-1700s based on artifacts.

Today the plaza is best known for its concerts and holiday celebrations due to its location in the center of the city.

Violet Sky’s Visit

It seems like everything in St. Augustine is the “oldest”. Which make history lovers such as myself really interested in all the attractions. This plaza was easily to find due to its central location. Reading all the plaques is definitely worth the time as you can learn a lot about Florida and St. Augustine’s past. My favorite part was all the palm trees and gardens.

How to Visit

Plaza de la Constitution is free to visit and is located at the intersection of Cathedral Place and St. George Street.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Plaza de la Constitution, St. Augustine, FL
Plaza de la Constitution, St. Augustine, FL

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