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Plains, Georgia: Home of the 39th President

Tucked away in a rural farming community in southern Georgia lies the city of Plains. Known most famously to be the birthplace and lifelong home of the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. Less than 1,000 people call Plains, Georgia their home yet thousands of people each year make the journey to the small city to explore.


The area upon which the city of Plains lies was once home to a village for Muscogee people. It was here that the Native Americans hunted, gathered and raised their families. It was not until the 1840s when settlers began moving into the region. They found the soil to be excellent for farming and raising crops. Originally the city was called Plains of Dura, but the name simply changed to Plains in 1896.

As the train was introduced into the city a station was built which now serves as a museum in legacy to the previous president. During the height of Jimmy Carter’s campaign and presidency, thousands of people would flock to the city almost every day just to see what the hometown of a major figure looked like.

In response to this surge in tourism, Plains and the surrounding area have worked to preserve the legacy of Jimmy Carter while monetizing on his name to generate interest in the quaint community.

Violet Sky’s Visit

My visit to Plains came from an interest in what the small community that Jimmy Carter grew up in looked like. During my adventure I visited all of the historic sites from a map that I found at the campaign headquarters.

It was a fun experience to walk around the downtown area. Plenty of cute shops and dining options. Imagine being here back when Jimmy Carter was a child watching the small community grow.

How to Visit

The small town of Plains, Georgia is a definitely an off the beaten path place to visit. Its quaint southern charm gives light to its past. The city is well organized in my opinion. Landmarks and historic sites are easily found.

Plains, Georgia is located on Highway 280 about ten miles west of Americus.

If coming from I-75, the Vienna, Georgia exit at number 109 is your best route and is about 45 miles west of the exit.

Plains is also about 55 miles east of Eufaula, Alabama and 53 miles southeast of Columbus, Georgia.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Plains, Georgia: Home of the 39th President
Violet Sky in Plains, Georgia: Home of the 39th President
Plains, Georgia: Home of the 39th President
Violet Sky in Plains, Georgia: Home of the 39th President

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