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Mackinac Island’s Famous Arch Rock

Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, MI (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Arch Rock, Mackinac Island, MI (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Rising over 146 feet above the Lake Huron shoreline stands Arch Rock. This is one of the most iconic landmarks which stands upon Mackinac Island. Its unique formation attracts visitors on their adventure around the island.


Native Americans were the first people to discover the beauty of Arch Rock. Many believed that the rock possessed spiritual powers. They treated this rock as an important place upon the island.

Arch Rock is made of limestone. Many geologists have stated that a formation such as this is rare for the Michigan area.

How to Visit

This rock lies within Mackinac Island State Park and is one of many unique spots in the area. For more information about visiting Arch Rock please visit the official website here.


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