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Lost Community of Archery, Georgia

The lost community of Archery, Georgia seems to have faded away to a ghost town. The buildings are still standing that were once abundantly filled with members of the area. Left to bear the tests of time, passerby wonder what happened to the once thriving little community.


Established in 1913, Archery was designed to be a farming community in rural southwest Georgia. It was only a short drive to what is now known as Plains. The community was extremely close to the railroad. The residents of Archery were predominantly African American. Most of these residents were farmers who sustained themselves on the business of sharecropping.

The Archery area also was bordered by the farm of the Carter’s. The Carter family was most commonly known for their son, James Carter who would grow up to be the 39th President of the United States. In fact, he spent the time from age 4 to 17 at the farm just down the road.

As the railroad became less in demand and larger farms took over, the community of Archery faded into the past. The families of these farms moved on and left their homes behind.

Violet Sky’s Visit

Driving down the rural roads of Georgia I stumbled across this small community. Having just toured the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm, I found it fascinating that this community was abandoned just down the road.

It feels as though this community is lost in time. All the buildings are still standing as though they were just left a short time ago. Seeing places such as this really give a vision of how changing times lead to the abandonment of communities such as Archery.

How to Visit

Archery is free to visit and located just down the road from Jimmy Carter’s Boyhood Farm. The community lies on Old Plains Highway at the corner of 61.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Violet Sky in Archery, Georgia
Violet Sky in Archery, Georgia
Archery, Georgia
Archery, Georgia

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