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The Last Constitution Monument

Built as a symbol of Spain’s constitution, this monument stands today as a landmark to the cities past. Rooted deep in Spanish history, St. Augustine has worked to preserve their history.


This monument was constructed in 1813 in response to the fact that in the year prior, Spain had wrote its first constitution. In commemoration of this significant event, the country requested that all cities and territories construct a monument in honor of their document. The monument seen here is St. Augustine’s representation to the first constitution. Also the park surrounding the monument is also called Plaza de la Constitution.

St. Augustine was at one point the capital of Spain’s territory in Florida. In 1814, the constitution was overthrown and the monarchy was reinstated. It was ordered that all statues and monuments made in honor be destroyed but the city of St. Augustine insisted on keeping theirs intact. This action has left this monument to be the last one of its kind in the world.

Violet Sky’s Visit

While walking around Plaza de la Constitution, I noticed this rather large obelisk shape statue in the middle of the plaza. After walking closer to this statue I realized that it was a monument to the constitution of Spain.

The monument and surrounding plaza have a lot of history and knowing that this is the only one left in the world is truly special.

How to Visit

The monument is open to visitors and is located in downtown St. Augustine in the middle of Plaza de la Constitution.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

The Last Constitution Monument, St. Augustine, Florida
The Last Constitution Monument, St. Augustine, Florida

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