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5 Ways to Pack Light for Your Next Vacation

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Packing light is something that even I have found myself struggling to achieve. In all of my travels I always seem to bring too many bags or items that I never use. On the other hand, packing to minimal can lead to unnecessary purchases that leave your budget stretched. This can all be avoided if you take a few steps before your trip to ensure that you have the items you need.

1. Know Where You Are Going

Many people pack so many unnecessary things because they do not plan ahead. If you are going on a trip you most likely know the destination. In that case be sure to bring clothing and other items that match that place. For example, check the weather and average temperatures so that you can dress accordingly. Also know where you are staying and what kind of items you may need.

2. Fold Up Those Clothes

Sometimes clothing can be minimalized if you fold or roll items a certain way. For example, undergarments can tend to easily slid into suitcase pouches. I usually always put my socks and underwear into two pouches so that they are easily accessible but also not getting mixed up with my clothes. Folding your clothes flat stacks can maximize space. When selecting clothes, find things that go good with a variety of others. Such as a pair of shorts that can be accompanied by several t-shirts.

3. Use Travel Size Bottles

You may use a lot of body care products in your every day routine! Packing light does not necessary have to eliminate those from your vacation. Look around at your local stores and ask about travel size items. They are often found in a variety of brands. If you are unable to find the products you need prepackaged, you can also buy empty travel size bottles that you can fill on your own. Be cautious if you are flying, certain items are restricted and may be better to purchase when you arrive at your destination.

4. Limit the Shoes

While shoes are essential for going on an adventure, you may want to select the ones that will be most beneficial to your trip. If you are going to be outdoors then hiking boots or tennis shoes may be your best option. However, if you are going to be in the city, flats or dress shoes may better. I always bring along a pair of flip flops in my bag because they always seem to come in handy.

5. Reevaluate the Technology

Chances are your cell phone will not get left behind. However, you may be able to limit some other items from your baggage. Tablets, laptops and gaming devices should only be taken if you have enough space or they are necessary. If you absolutely cannot use your phone for something then bring along these items. I have taken many vacations with my laptop and never had to use it. Same goes for big cameras. Be sure to bring chargers and maybe even grab a small portable battery pack just to be safe.


Overall, there is no need to pay extra baggage fees or tie up space in your car. This can all be avoided by evaluating what is necessary for where you are headed. Once you are able to successfully pack everything in that you will need also check and ensure that you keep it organized during your trip.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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