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Exploring Seville Square

Gazebo at Seville Square, Pensacola, Florida
Gazebo at Seville Square, Pensacola, Florida

Located in the quiet, historic district of Pensacola lies this quaint park which serves as a relaxing place for visitors and locals to enjoy the beauty of the city. Graced with the natural beauty of moss draped Live Oaks, Seville Park is a prized location in the area.


Visitors can roam the grounds which many years ago back in 1752 was the site of a Spanish Outpost. The outpost was officially named San Miguel. Later in 1764, the land was left as a public square under British occupation. Plans set forth by Elias Durnford to complete the square were encompassed by his survey work of the surrounding area.

Over the next two centuries, the square continue to serve as the center of the historic district. Years of time and weather began to erode at the park facilities and in the late 1900s, work began to restore the landscape.

In 1981, the gazebo that sits as a centerpiece to the square was constructed as a memorial for the bicentennial celebration and placed in honor of the historical district coordinator, Mary Reed.

Seville Park has been a popular square for the area for nearly 300 years serving a center for activities. Today the park is home to many events and festivals. It makes a wonderful venue for weddings as well as other outings. The Pensacola Historic District surrounds the square and creates a feeling as though you are back in time, enjoying the nature and simplicity of days gone by.

Violet Sky’s Visit

This park is just such a beautiful landscape. The oak trees that flourish throughout the square is what makes this place so adorable. The falls leaves and the mossy trees give an old fashioned Southern charm to the spot.

How to Visit

Seville Square is located at the corner of Government and Adams Streets. It is free to visit and explore.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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