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Exploring the Dr. Peck House

These historic walls are located in historic St. Augustine, Florida and date back to the early 1700s. While the house that once stood within the walls changed hands several times it makes for an interesting historic spot to visit.


The Royal Treasurer for the Spanish Colony made his residence behind these walls during the time period. Governor John Moultrie lived at the home and later the home was rebuilt altogether.

This occurred after a local doctor, Dr. Seth Peck purchased the land in 1837. He remodeled and created a new home from these historic walls. At the new residence the Peck family lived for nearly 100 years.

The city of St. Augustine received the property from the last resident of the Peck family in 1931.

Violet Sky’s Visit

While there is not a lot of history and remains from what was once the home, I found it interesting to stop and read about this historic site. As always, history is something that has interested me.

The Dr. Peck House is an important part of history in the St. Augustine area.

How to Visit

With grants from the Flagler Foundation this historic wall has been incorporated into gardens and preserved for future generations to enjoy the cities historical heritage.

The site is free to visit and makes for an interesting stop along your walk through downtown.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Dr Peck House, St Augustine Florida
Dr Peck House, St Augustine Florida

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