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Climb to the Top of Point Iroquois Lighthouse

Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Brimley, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)
Point Iroquois Lighthouse, Brimley, Michigan (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

The Point Iroquois Lighthouse is a popular beacon along the shores of Lake Superior. This brick structure has been known to save lives and be a guiding light for maritime passerby. Tours are now available of the lighthouse and it is just a short drive from nearby Sault Ste. Marie.


The lighthouse on the site was built in 1856 but was torn down in 1870 as technology advanced. The current lighthouse stands 65 feet tall and is made of brick. Its style is unique as it appears to resemble lighthouses in New England, thus the Cape Cod architecture.

A bell tower and a fog horn were installed at the site to allow ships traveling on the waterways to be made aware of potential dangers. In 1962, the Point Iroquois Lighthouse was deactivated. The replacement was a Canadian buoy located in the St. Mary’s River channel. This new type of light could be automated and therefore did not need to staff a lightkeeper.

In 1993, the lighthouse and keepers station was renovated and now functions as a museum.

How to Visit

The Point Iroquois Lighthouse is located on Lakeshore Drive in Brimley. Be sure to wear closed toed shoes as the climb in the lighthouse may be steep. For admission information and hours please visit the official website here.


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