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“Bewitched” in Salem, a Tribute to Elizabeth Montgomery

Bewitched Statue, Salem, Massachusetts
Bewitched Statue, Salem, Massachusetts

“Twinkle-Twinkle”, known for her iconic nose-twitching role as Samantha Stephens on the popular 1960s television show Bewitched, Elizabeth Montgomery has been immortalized by this statue in downtown Salem.


TV Land dedicated this monument in 2005 for the amazing character portrayal she demonstrated throughout the duration of the show.

In fact, four episodes of the television show were filmed in Salem, and locals even said that there was a rise in tourism following its feature on Bewitched. The six-foot tall statue represents the bewitching “Samantha” aboard a broom with the crescent of the moon behind her as was shown on the shows intro.

The statues nose has been worn over time as people try to “twitch” her nose. This statue receives millions of visitors each year and is a wonderful tribute to the television series.

Violet Sky’s Visit

Growing up watching “Bewitched” made stumbling across this statue an exciting find. The statue is a very nice tribute to the late television star. I think that the artwork displayed really captures the highlight of Samantha’s character.

The fact that it is located right in the downtown area of Salem makes it so easily accessible.

How to Visit

The Bewitched Statue is located at the corner of Essex and Washington Street. In fact it is located in Lappin Park right in downtown Salem.

The statue is free to visit and open all hours of the day.

While you are at the statue see if you can “twinkle” your nose!

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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