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Best Spots to Watch Sunrise in Panama City Beach

Early morning view of Panama City Beach, Florida looking towards Russell-Fields Pier.
Early morning view of Panama City Beach, Florida looking towards Russell-Fields Pier.

If you are venturing on down to the beautiful Sunshine State and happen to take a stop along the “World’s Most Beautiful Beaches”, be sure to wake early at least one morning because Panama City Beach sunrises are gorgeous!

Not only do the crashing waves against the pristine white sands make for a relaxing moment, but also the rays of sunshine peaking up over the horizon create a stunning image.

Read on to find out more about the best public places to watch the sunrise in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Russell-Fields Pier and M.B. Miller County Pier

These two piers are both wonderful places to stop and enjoy the sunrise. The beaches encompassing the piers are free and visitors are able to swim, relax and take in the views.

For dog lovers, there is even a designated beach for their furry friends at Russell-Fields pier. Why not let them get their paws in the sand too?

Richard Seltzer Park

This public park is an awesome place that is known by locals more than tourists. With a rustic, classic beach feel it provides an opportunity to see the same extravagant views but in a less busy area of Panama City Beach.

State Parks

Two state parks call Panama City Beach home and are located at opposite ends of the city.

St. Andrews State Park is located off Thomas Drive on the east end of the beach and is the more popular option for visitors.

Camp Helen State Park is located on the west end of the beach near the Bay County line. This beach has a more private landscape viewing both the Gulf of Mexico and Lake Powell.

Public Beach Access Points

Panama City Beach is known for miles of breathtaking coastline, but did you know that there are nearly 100 public access points?

Each one of these locations offers visitors a unique view of different angles of the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sunrise in PCB

So no matter where you choose to observe this early morning scene, you will get to witness a beautiful event (weather permitting) that offers excellent opportunities for wonderful photos and videos.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

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