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The Bell from the USS Tallahassee

After serving over 20 years and its great efforts in World War I, the USS Tallahassee was decommissioned on March 24, 1922 and its bell was placed here in downtown of the Florida capital. The bell was displayed in Tallahassee as a symbol for the importance of the city and the ship that was named after the location.


Construction began on the ship in early 1899 at a shipyard near Elizabethport, New Jersey. It was determined after the ships launch that it would be named the USS Florida which entered the water on November 30, 1901. After only sailing for a few years the battleship was renamed in 1908 to the USS Tallahassee.

After its renaming the USS Tallahassee served the Naval Academy where naval men worked aboard training and operating the vessel. Of some of the most notable achievements that the ship produced was the discovery that stacked turrets could be used in a productive and safe manner.

Just before the U.S. entered World War I, the USS Tallahassee become designated as a submarine tender. During the war the ship sailed about the Caribbean region and even along the U.S. southern Atlantic Coast. The World War I Medal of Victory was designated to the USS Tallahassee for its service in 1917-1918.

During its years of commission the USS Tallahassee housed nearly 220 people and was over 250 feet in length. After being decommissioned in 1922, the ship was scrapped and any remaining resources were moved to other ships.

Violet Sky’s Visit

Growing up in Michigan taught me an appreciation for large ships. I think watching them go by on the Great Lakes was fascinating. Every time I see a bell from a large ship I am curious to learn about its history.

This bell was interesting because it was located in downtown Tallahassee since it came off the boat named for the city.

How to Visit

The bell is located at 300 South Adams Street in downtown Tallahassee nearby the Old Florida Capitol Building. It is free to visit and definitely makes for a great stop if you are exploring the area.

Thanks for reading and as always, keep on truckin’!

-Violet Sky

Violet Sky with the Bell from the USS Tallahassee, Florida
Violet Sky with the Bell from the USS Tallahassee, Florida
Bell from the USS Tallahassee, Florida
Bell from the USS Tallahassee, Florida

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